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Supply chain management

Today’s market demands greater value added services from suppliers, from secure sourcing, to contract management procurement as well as controlling costs. PV Tron offers solutions to significantly reduce costs. As a whole, we are the most experienced supply chain partner in the industry offering control to every aspect of your component spending. We offer a number of value added services that our customers benefit from, such as;

  • Material analysis
  • Cost saving examination
  • Spot buy opportunities
  • Excess Material Management
  • Electronics Recycling
  • IT Disposition
  • Kitting Programs
  • Scheduled orders
  • Shipment Consolidation JIT Delivery
  • Customized Reporting
  • Extended Product Storage (Climate & controlled ESD certified)
  • Monitor End or Life and Last time buy announcements
  • Advanced Anti-Counterfeit Inspection

Additional verification is sometimes required due to the nature of the parts or customer specific requirements. In these cases, PV-Tron uses the services of certified service partners that have the capabilities, expertise and certification to verify authenticity through extensive testing. We don’t pretend to be a test house, we leave that work for component engineers. We believe that counterfeit prevention begins with the supplier certification process and we implement the necessary safeguards to pro-actively mitigate its risk by effectively managing our supply base.

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